MI Driving School Belsize Park London

MI driving school is an independent DSA approved operation based in north west london offering very high quality lessons to residents of Hampstead and the surrounding areas of the NW3 postcode.

We pride ourselves in being honest, patient, offering a first class service through our fully qualified, vetted and CRB checked Department of Transport approved driving instructors in modern, air conditioned and well maintained dual controlled (seperate instructor pedals) vehicles.

We might not be offering the cheapest driving lessons in Hampstead, NW3 London, but we are one of the best when it comes to offering value for money, as our instructors get you the best tuition that suits every individuals ability, and will not withold information or try to prolong tuition to earn more from the learner driver. We charge a price we believe is fair, and in return you get our full and undivided attention for the full duration of the training session (no mobile phone calls, texting or pulling you over on the side of the road to give you a 15min lecture after making a driving error). If you've failed a practical test, and come to us for remedial training, if we can rectify your errors in 2 hrs we will because we want you go away satisfied and spead the word about our driving school. One unhappy client learner driver is too many, and we will not sacrifice our quality for the sake of 2 extra driving lessons.

Our driving instructors work out of Hampstead, with most driving tests being booked in the not too far away Mill Hill or Hendon dsa testing centres, though we can accomodate Borehamwood or ocassionally Barnet, but you need to give us adequate advance notice as it takes longer to get there and our instructors don't like cancelling other provisional licence holder's tuition just to go for a test.

If you are interested in Pass Plus, motorway tuition, refresher training, then why not give us a call today, we don't offer those sneaky marketing free driving lesson deals (as nothing in life is free except the air we breathe), but have discounts available for block advance bookings, see the driving lessons prices for details, and are sure you will be impressed with our service that we offer to Hampstead residents.

Best Driving Test Centre For Hampstead Residents

If you are ready to take a driving test in Hampstaed, then I would advice you to book it at the DSA Hendon Aviation centre.

It is not only the nearest place available, but also one of the friendliest places to be tested at. The UK driving test is a tough driving test, and to have the best chances of passing first time, you need to be adequately prepared which should not be a problem if you use Hampstead driving school instructors who are not only very familiar with the test routes, but will also make sure that any learner weaknesses are addressed.

To further make passing your driving test at Hendon easy, we have produced a video tutorial covering the more tricky places where candidates have failed in the past. With this tool you can enhance your private practise by getting used to the DSA examiner routes.

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