First Driving Lesson Hampstead

Your new provisional licence has just arrived in the post, and you are now looking forward to your first driving lesson from your Hampstead village place of abode, but before you go ahead and ring up an instructor, why not sit down, grap a cup of your favorite drink, and read the following advice from MI drving School NW3.

The advice that follows is only to help you better prepare for your first driving lesson, but in no way will stop you from having your tuition if you decide to ignore it.

Provisional driving licence

You will need to present both parts of your provisional licence to your instructor on your first meeting to allow him/her verify your identity and certify that you are qualified to be in charge of their driving school car (checks include making sure you are at the legal age of 17, the licence belongs to you and will therefore be covered by insurance and you haven't been banned by a magistrates court). If you don't have this document, then your training session will not be able to go ahead.

Eye Sight check

Another legal requirement that you will need to fufill before you start your first driving lesson is an eye sight test to confirm you are able to read DVLA specification car registration plates from a distance of 20.5m, so if you require glasses to see at that distance, make sure you take them along every single time you have a lesson, as you don't want to get penalty points on your provisional licence.

The above mentioned details are a requirement that must be fulfilled, what now follows is information that is optional but could greatly help with your learning to drive a car in Hampstead, NW3.

Highway Code and Theory Preparation

Even before your driving licence arrives or you apply for one via your local post office, there is nothing wrong with getting a copy of some theory test software CDs and start reading for this test, you will start to build up knowledge that will help you to learn faster and make more progress when it comes to the practical aspects of driving a car. Recognising signs such as give ways will mean when you start dealing with junctions you'll understand exactly what yielding to traffic on the major road means.

You will also be in a better position of thinking about booking the theory test (which you have to pass first before the practical one), and thus a step closer to getting a full british licence which is why you are taking driving lessons with us.

Cockpit Drill and Basic car Controls

Why pay a driving instructor to teach you the cockpit drill and the basic car controls such as accelerator, brake, gears and indicators when a family member, friend or even your neighbour (if you get on with them) can do this. Since you will not be driving the car, you don't need insurance, and the time learnt do this will mean you have more time to learn the more practical driving skills like moving off and stopping during your first lesson (let the instructor know you've been taught these skills).

These are some of the things you can do as a learner driver who has just recieved their provisional driving licence in Hampstead before booking your tution.

If for any reason you haven't been able to complete the steps above, in particuar the cockpit drill, I recommend that you book a 2hr slot for your first driving lesson because as you are well aware, the roads in NW3 are very narrow, busy, and none of them are suited for beginners, this means that the instructor will have to drive you to a more suitable location in London, I either use Regents park NW8 or Cricklewood NW2 depending on where in Hampstead you are being picked up from, and depending on the time of the day, it could take 15-20 minutes to get there, so you will not get much out of a 1 hour driving lesson in your early days as a learner driver.

I hope this information has been helpful to you, and look forward to hearing from you once you decide it is time for some practical on the road experience.