Learning to Drive in Hampstead NW3

If you want to learn to drive a car in Hampstead NW3, we would like to offer you our high quality driving lessons tailored to your individual ability.

A complete beginner should have a look at the video posted below which shows why we advice you to book 2hr lessons since there are no roads within hampstead village itself that are suitable for complete beginners. The Narrow roads in a densely populated area with hardly any parking spaces means you need to be comfortable with driving skills such as emerging at junctions, moving off and stopping, meeting traffic before you would even consider being in control on a car on the high street.

Even then, with many impatient drivers around, you still need to keep your wits about you when going down Belsize park road with everyone always in a hurry, even if it is only to get a cup of coffee in the local cafe.
We will help you acquire the necessary skils to become a confident and safe driver, pass the driving test, and offer Motorway lessons, night driving and any advanced driving skills you need to keep you out of accidents, a clean full British licence even if you only want to drive a car from Hampstead on very rear occassions due to the many reliable transport links in NW3 London.

Driving Lessons Price List.