Borehamwood Test centre Hampstead NW3

If you are learning to drive in Hampstead NW3 and are thinking of booking a driving test at the Borehamwood WD6 DVLA centre, then you need to realise that borehamwood is quite a far distance from NW3 London.

It will take a learner driver a minimum of 45 minutes using both the A41 and A1 dual carriageways to get to the test centre, and the reason this is important is because you will need to be booking 2 hour driving lessons in the run up to your test if you want to familiarise yourself with the roads in the WD6 area that the dsa examiner might use on the day of your practical car assessment.

Borehamwood Test Centre Routes

Even using the much nearer Hendon or Mill Hill driving test centres will still require 1 and half hour lessons if you really want to prepare properly and have a good chance of passing the test on the first attempt, so make sure you start budgeting for these lessons with an instructor, as your parents or friends will not know the routes, and even if you download the test routes from the dsa website, you might not know the tricky places or where test manuevers are carried out.

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