Driving Lessons NW3 in own car

If you prefer to have professional driving lessons in NW3 London from a DSA approved instructor using your own private car, you need to consider where the instructor will park their vehicle during the period of training.
Due to local parking restrictions in Hampstead, London, your driving instructor will either need a visitors parking permit or use of an off street location such as a driveway in order to avoid getting and expensive ticket from the very aggressive Camden traffic wardens.

If it is not possible to provide any of these, then you should consider either taking your driving lessons in the instructor's car, or meet somewhere where the ADI can safely park without fearing a hefty fine! Remember that there are no test centres near Hampstead so since you can drive your own car especially those of you with a foreign licence (using an automatic transmission) you might want to make the best use of the time with your instructor nearer the area where you will be having your driving test.