Paying the price for quality Driving Lessons

Are you willing to pay the price for having the right driving instructor giving you lessons and teaching you the necessary skills not only required to pass the DSA practical test but more importantly that will keep you safe once you are independent and on your own?

The first question and usually the most important one for most people who call me up and are looking for driving lessons in NW London is "How much do you charge per hour"! While price should be a factor in choosing an instructor, it should not be overiding criteria as the saying 'you get what you pay for' still applies to driving lessons as it does to other things in life.

I am not the cheapest driving school in Hamsptead for a reason, I am offering a good high quality service with over 7 years of experience in hampstead and an above average pass rate on driving tests, having a reputation to protect and will not cut corners by entising you with a cheap unsustainable offer only to make up the difference by offering sub-standard tuition, withholding vital information or allow you to develop bad habits which will eventually lead to you having to spend more money in lessons to get to the DSA required standard for the test.

On all your driving lessons which are conducted on a one to one basis, you will have my full attention (no mobile phone calls, bank visits, toilet breaks at the local test centre where there is always someone to talk to for 5 minutes), your individual needs will be attended to (I don't apply a general teaching formula), weaknesses will be identified and dealt with, and if you are making good progress you will be advised to take your test sooner than later (if you are happy to do this).

As an instructor, I am fully DSA qualified (not a tranee) with almost 10 years experience, have full knowledge of what the examiners in all the nearby test centres require, but more importantly am patient, honest, timely and offer good value for your hard earned money, tailoring each session to your individual needs, so why not give me a call today on 07956 233032 and get started in learning a life skill that will be with you for the rest of your life.
I fully subscribe to the DSA code of conduct for instructors as well as CPD (which means among other things that any money paid in advance is safe).

Check my price list and terms and conditions for more information on my driving school.

Driving Lesson Video - Reverse Parallel Parking
As with all driving subjects, I take the time to fully explain and break down all the steps required to carry out a skill to the required DSA standard, offering useful tips that help learners remember reference points especially for exercises like parallel parking or the left reverse round the corner manuever. I also ensure that the driving test candidate has enough practice of all manuevers paying extra attention to weak subjects which always varies with different learners.

The video below shows how I fully explain the parallel parking exercise in a manual toyota yaris training vehicle.

If you are thinking that going with big brands like the AA, BSM or Red driving schools guarantees a better experience or higher quality, then read my article to find out the truth.