Driving in Hampstead After 3 Lessons - Complete Beginner

Just to illustrate the importance of choosing the right driving instructor when it comes to learning to drive, rather than just going by price, I want to tell you about a complete beginner who was driving in the narrow busy streets of Hampstead after only 3 1.5 hour lessons.

Miss E had never driven before apart from a 15 minute attempt with a friend in a supermarket car park, so when I picked her up from Hampstead Village, she was in no way able to move off safely in the car, not to talk of trying to tackle the narrow roads, meeting traffic situations that are abundant in the NW3 post code area.

It took us about 20 minutes to drive to the quiet and wide roads of the cricklewood training area I normally use for absolute beginners, where we swapped seats learnt the cockpit drill, car controls and proceeded to deal with moving off and stopping the DSA way.
By the time we finished the driving lesson we were onto junctions (emerging and turn left major to minor).
The Second driving lesson was used to practice more moving off/stopping, junctions (emerging and turning left and right major to minor, traffic lights and a bit of meeting traffic).

On the third lesson we had done hill starts, moving off at angles, dealt with more traffic, pedestrian crossings and enough junctions that I knew she would be able to drive to hampstead high street without problems if I mapped the route properly. I obviously did not tell her, as she would not have believed she was ready to almost drive home. By the time she recognised where we were, it was too late to panic, and I congratulated her on her good skills and fast learning.

As I have mentioned else on this website, I tailor all driving lessons the students abilities, and while not all beginners will be able to drive in hamsptead after their 3rd lesson, if you are competent, I will not prolong your learning just to make more money from you.

Call me today on 07956 233032 if you also would like to be on your way to gaining a full UK driving licence.